Support Services

Assisting you in making cost effective and correct use of the AutoGC system including advice in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal.

An operator using a manual.

Operator Training

On-site, one-on-one training for all operators and users so that day-to-day operation is smooth and under control.

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Tech Support

Make sure you have a lifeline if something unexpected happens. With 20 years of experience under our belts, we’ve seen it all.

An operator fixing an AutoGC system.

Annual Maintenance

An AutoGC Site is a precise and complex instrument that needs regular maintenance if it is to generate accurate results.

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Data Validation

Continuous monitoring produces mountains of data to be reviewed. Have our techs validate your data and deliver results faster.

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Data Validation Tool

The Merlin AutoGC Xplorer (MAX) is software developed to meet the specific needs of agencies collecting AutoGC data.

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Full Site Operation

Sit back while we keep your site running smoothly and accurately, delivering quality results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An operator using a manual.

Operator Training

Orsat staff can provide on-site training for all operators on their PE Ozone Precursor systems. In conjunction with the operating procedures supplied with each system, operators will have a good working knowledge of the system and procedures in place for successful data collection on a continuous basis. In conjunction with the Quality Assurance Plan, each operator will be capable of evaluating the day-to-day performance of the system and implement changes necessary to maintain precise and accurate data throughout the measurement period.

In addition to training on the general operation and day to day data collection, training in routine maintenance of the system such as trap replacement, column conditioning and valve maintenance is included. Troubleshooting techniques such as leak testing and methods for the evaluation of system contamination can offer operators valuable information in the event problems arise. Additional training can be supplied on more general topics including Windows, gas chromatography, or the TotalChrom data system.

An operator getting help over the phone.

Technical Support

Even the best analytical system can go astray. Orsat can provide your field staff with on-site and on-call technical support to help your operations run smoothly. With 20 years of experience our technical support staff can help field operators diagnose and fix most problems and depending on the level of assistance required can also provide on-site repairs when necessary. Our technical staff can tailor support contracts to your needs.

24/7 phone support with a real human being

We are here to help

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Annual Maintenance

Orsat can provide an annual maintenance service which includes replacement of consumables such as cold trap, analytical columns, nafion drier as well as rotary valves. We also address maintenance on existing support equipment such as compressors, TOC gas generators, and any purifiers which may require periodic service. Our skilled technicians do a multipoint inspection of the system, document all analytical parameters and provide test results tailored to meet the customer’s data quality objectives. We can run standards, linearity tests and MDL results after maintenance has been completed to assure the system is performing to the customer's requirements.

Troubleshooting, repair and yearly preventative maintenance for each system in the field

Orsat, LLC is a certified Historically Underutilized Business vendor in Texas

As a partner to your agency’s monitoring program, Orsat can help insure that your systems give the highest level of data return and minimize data reprocessing.

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Data Validation

Data validation is intended to provide well-defined guarantees for fitness, accuracy, and consistency for all data received into the AutoGC system. All data including that generated for EPA PAMS requirements which will be uploaded into the EPA AQS system requires validation. This requires a detailed scrutiny of the input data to insure that all systems are functioning properly, and that components are being identified and quantified correctly.

  • Data Type Validation verifies that the individual characters provided through system input are consistent with the expected characters of the data types
  • Range and Constraint Validation examines data for consistency with a minimum/maximum range, or consistency with a test for evaluating a sequence of characters
  • Code and Cross-Reference Validation includes tests for data type validation, combined with one or more operations to verify that the data is consistent with one or more external rules, requirements, or validity constraints relevant to the particular context.
A screenshot from the Merlin AutoGC Xplorer software.

Merlin AutoGC Xplorer

The analysis of volatile organic compounds in ambient air is now a requirement at many sites in the EPA NCore Network and the hourly measurement of as many as 58 target compounds poses a significant data management challenge to state agencies. MAX is a cloud-based data management tool designed specifically to meet the needs of agencies using automated chromatographic systems (AutoGCs) to measure VOCs in ambient air.

Key Features:
  • Easy to use data loading via ASCII report files generated by the chromatography data system from hourly samples
  • Re-submission after reprocessing of data on the chromatography data system
  • Control charting for daily check sample
  • Time series and scatter plots of VOCs across sites or across time
  • Easy export of quality control data or ambient data
  • Data completeness tracking
  • Daily QuickLook reports
Orsat techs in control.

Full Site Operation

Orsat also can provide contracts to provide full operations support for your field installations. We can deploy and maintain the entire system including supplying support gases, calibration standards and maintaining ancillary equipment included meteorological stations. Our field operators will work to insure that your data meets your data quality objectives when it is analyzed using remote access to track data on a daily basis as well as regular site visits to record all analytical parameters. System failures are addressed within 24 hours and repairs and operations fully documented.

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