Continuous Unattended Field Operation

Orsat has customized the installation of hardware and software to produce lab quality results in a robust field application for the continuous and unattended measurement of VOCs in ambient air

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Orsat has been involved with continuous unattended ambient air VOC monitoring since its earliest implementation in the State of Texas Coastal Oxidant Assessment for Southeast Texas (COAST) program in 1994. Today, Orsat’s services encompass all aspects of site operation from deployment and consultation to operator training and application assistance in topics ranging from Microsoft Windows operation to gas chromatographic theory.

In particular, Orsat has customized the installation of hardware and software configured to operate co-operatively in the Windows environment which produces a robust application capable of delivering lab-quality results in a continuous unattended field operation.

[Orsat] performed exceptionally considering that there had to be communication between three agencies.

–Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

The end user is provided with certification data detailing the individual system performance at the time of start-up including background, detection limits, precision and linearity. Once configured, data recoveries are routinely 90–95%.

Over the past three decades, Orsat has deployed over 40 sites and currently maintains over 35 sites in the state of Texas for both public and private industry. In particular, Orsat has worked closely with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to monitor air quality in the Barnett and Eagle Ford Shale Formations.

Orsat is a State of Texas certified Historically Underutilized Business.


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Client Feedback

7 April, 2014

Exceptional customer service – Orsat consistently provides excellent customer service. They respond quickly to email requests, return phone calls promptly, and follow-up on date requests. Carol responded quickly and accurately when contacted early in the last quarter to provide a quote for relocating several autoGC monitors. Amy provided a list of Orsat inventory and the surplus inventory promptly. This company attends all requested meetings and comes prepared. They are responsive to concerns from agency staff about AutoGC method adjustments.
—Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

7 April, 2014

Provided technical/training/set-up assistance when not required – Orsat provided several training sessions with new operators and assisted them in their transition into their new role.
—Texas Commission on Environmental Quality>

1 October, 2013

[Orsat] performed exceptionally considering that there had to be communication between three agencies
—Texas Commission on Environmental Quality



News & Upcoming Events

Booth Exhibit: 2024 TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair & Conference

Stop by and chat with Orsat technicians working their magic on over 70 AutoGC sites across the nation monitoring the ambient air for 56 components, 24 hours/day, 7 days a week! We'll be in booth 216 13 - 14 May 2024 for the annual TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair & Conference.

Booth Exhibit: 2022 National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference

Orsat is proud to be both a sponsor and exhibitor at the upcoming 2022 National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference in Pittsburgh, PA August 22 - 25, 2022.

Booth Exhibit: 2022 TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair & Conference

Get a guided tour of both the PerkinElmer AND Markes/Agilent AutoGC systems currently monitoring 56 non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHCs) 24 hours a day seven days a week at over 50 PAMS sites across the US. Over 25 years of experience give Orsat special expertise in the deployment, maintenance, and operation of AutoGCs including the handling of the mountains of data. We'll be on hand at the TCEQ's 2022 Environmental Trade Fair & Conference May 10 -11 in Austin, TX.

Technical Presentation & Booth Exhibit: A&WMA Measurement Methods and Technology Conference

We're at it again! The Air Quality Measurement Methods and Technology Conference returns in person in 2022 with extensive coverage of all aspects of air measurement methodologies, including associated quality assurance protocols and how to use and interpret data. This time Orsat validator Andrea Connelly will be presenting Agilent PAMS AutoGC Data: Review and Validation of 2019 Data on Tues, March 8th at 1:20PM.

[POSPONED] 2020 EPA National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference

EPA, AAPCA, NACAA, and event organizers have been closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19, and Pennsylvania’s new guide for conference gatherings and when they can safely occur. After careful consideration, organizers have postponed the 2020 National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference in Pittsburgh. While it disappoints us all, we look forward to convening with you again when it is safe to do so. Organizers are working with the Pittsburgh Convention Center and Westin to reschedule the conference for 2021 and will send out an announcement when we have more information.


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