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User Guides and Manuals

Documentation that describes handling, functionality, and architecture of technical instruments such as user manuals and specifications sheets for specific hardware.

PerkinElmer Ozone Precursor System

In 1992, PerkinElmer developed a system in conjunction with the U.S. EPA, to collect and measure C2 to C12 automatically in the field, without the use of liquid cryogen, utilizing the PerkinElmer On-Line Thermal Desorber (ATD) coupled with the PerkinElmer Gas Chromatograph. As a result, this system has become the gold standard for carrying out the measurement of ozone precursors using the PAMS method.

Markes/Agilent System

The UNITY 2 Air Server is a cost-effective system for round-the-clock speciated measurement of multiple trace-level volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air or pure gases. It combines automated, controlled-flow sampling with cryogen-free concentration technology. The system connects to standard GC and GC/MS technology, and is designed for unattended operation in remote field locations.

Ancillary Systems

Documentation on all the additional systems

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